Why is this website here?

I started this website to warn people that these Covid vaccines are not as safe as advertised; after having horrible side effects myself.

The vaccine side effects were far worse than what Covid did to me. I had 1 shot of the vaccine in May of 2021 and I had Covid in January of 2022. If I had to choose, I'd rather have Covid. Actually, I'd rather have neither. I have Quebec Government proof of getting the vaccine & getting Covid.

I am in my late 50's

My experience with this not so safe vaccine was far more than a minor inconvenience. It was traumatic. It was a horrendous experience.

Safe vaccine? Not so much……. and certainly not for me.

I had several side effects, some really bad, from the not so safe Pfizer vaccine.

Up until getting the first Covid vaccine, I have received every recommended vaccine in my life. After getting the first Pfizer vaccine, it will likely be my last jab ever. It was a horrendous experience.

An added problem was my RAMQ (Health Insurance) had been accidentally cancelled several times since Covid began.