Symptoms (Side Effects)

Coming soon to a nightmare near you!

The most memorable side effects were intense painplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigExtreme Pain

What kind of pain am I talking about?

* I'm not talking about stub your toe pain. * I'm not talking about broken leg pain. * I'm not talking about herniated disc pain.

I've had all of the above pains.

in various parts of my body

  • Very bad kidney pain started about 4 hours after vaccination.
  • Bad big toe pain, on both feet, for 3 days. I could not put on shoes or socks & needed to use crutches.
  • An old back injury flared up badly for about a week.
  • There was one specific type of intense suffering, I think it was neurological in nature.

  • I have no experience to compare it to and I cannot explain it clearly.
  • Intense lung pain for a few days followed by mild lung pain.
  • Intense pain started in my left shoulder, lower right back, right hip and left knee, coming in waves. It was very, very bad.
  • A generalized pain from my neck, down to my ankles, coming in waves.
  • Nausea on and off for a couple of months.
  • My stress levels hit the stratosphere and stayed there.
  • Intense itching. The only relief came from putting ice packs directly on the skin of the affected areas for 20 - 60 minutes.
  • Knee pain started at the same time as the itching. I was walking like an old man.
  • Mild chest pain with swollen ankles. It lasted a few days.
  • Bad fatigue for about a month, with really slow improvement.
  • I had brain fog for about a month, with occasional reoccurrence.
  • I became very forgetful for about a month. I was misplacing things constantly.
  • Multiple 15 pound weight fluctuations for about 6 weeks.
  • I had head pain, different than a headache, for about a week.
  • My right hip was mildly swollen along with moderate pain.
  • I had more migraines for about a month.
  • I had blotches in my vision for about a month.
  • I've omitted more common reactions like dizziness, fever, chills, etc.
  • Two trips to the ER at the Jewish General Hospital provided nothing useful including referrals for doctors that were impossible to get a hold of.

The pain was so intense I was screaming out loud from it. Zero exaggeration. It was the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life.

I got my first and only Covid vaccine in early May 2021.

And it is 100% totally impossible for me to get a medical exemption for the Covid vaccine anywhere in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It's probably the same in most, if not all of the country.

In early January 2022, I caught Covid. It was probably the Omicron variant. It felt like a bad flu with body aches and mild kidney pain that lasted about a week. Much, much less than what the vaccine did to me.

If I had to choose between getting a vaccine or getting the Omicron variant of Covid, I would much rather get Covid.